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8 Healthy Hair Habits that You Should Start Using Today

A lot of people want to have healthy and shiny hair. By that, it means, no dandruff, less frizz, soft, dandruff, and tangle-free. These can all be achieved by taking care of your hair. Taking care of your hair is one way to achieve softer, tangle-free hair. Hair is an extension of the epidermis. Your hair is composed of dead protein known as keratin. A typical, strand of hair can stay attached to the scalp roughly 3 to 5 years before it starts falling out.

For a lot of people finding the right way to care for hair is essential to achieving healthy hair. Here are some of the most effective and affordable ways to get healthy hair.

1. Know Your Water

If your hair is difficult to style, feels dry, or appears dull, then you may need to determine what minerals are in your tap water. According to experts, water that contains different types of minerals that can affect your hair. Mineral buildup can cause your hair to become dry and lack luster.

If you have hard water in your area, you might want to consider adding a water softener. Water that doesn’t contain too many minerals can make your hair softer. If adding a water softener isn’t possible then you should use a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a week.

2. Get The Right Kind Of Brush

Brushing your hair helps stimulate the production sebum. Sebum is the oil that is produced by the pores on your scalp. As you brush your hair, you naturally redistribute the oil from the roots of your hair. Oil often weighs down the hair found near your roots. Brushing it helps pull the oil towards the ends of your hair and helps keep your hair healthier.

In general, you should avoid plastic bristle brushes. Choose instead to get natural boar bristles on round or flat brush.

3. Are You Brushing Your Hair Correctly?

Not only is it important to choose the right kind of brush but it is best to learn how to properly brush your hair. Brushing your hair incorrectly could cause hair loss, breakage, and damage to your hair.

Make sure to brush your hair whenever you get up in the morning or after a nap. It is also best to brush your hair before you get into the shower.  This is because your hair can become a tangled mess while you sleep.

Brush your hair only when it is dry unless you have a brush made specifically for wet hair. Always start brushing your hair towards the ends to help get the tangles out. Avoid brushing your hair from the scalp down when your hair is already tangled. It can cause additional stress and breakage.

If you need to brush your hair while it is wet, it is best to use a wide tooth comb or a brush that is specifically made for wet hair. Even with the right tools, use care when brushing wet hair because it is more prone to damage.

4. Skip Brushing Your Hair 100 Strokes Per Day

If your mom taught you to brush your hair 100 times a day, you can give up this daily ritual. Brushing helps promote blood circulation and helps pull the oil towards your roots. We suggest tilting your head forward and your hair is upside down. This allows more sebum to cover more amount of hair from root to tips. Don’t use this method if you have curly hair though. Instead, focus on quality over quantity.

5. Never Brush Curly When Your Hair is Dry

Curly hair requires a bit more work to keep it healthy. It is important that you never brush your hair when it is dry. Brushing curly hair when it is dry can cause frizziness. Instead, use a spray in conditioner first.

6. Choose Natural Products Or Home remedies

If you feel that your hair needs extra care then try using natural products. Natural products compared to commercial ones are effective and affordable. Some of the most common natural products for your hair include lemon juice, honey, aloe vera, avocado hair masks, coconut oil, and many more. These products can be found in your kitchen and you can easily spread them on your hair for the best shiny and healthy hair.

As much as possible avoid harsh products or commercial products with harsh ingredients. Do skip using products that contain alcohol. Alcohol tends to dry out your hair and it makes it vulnerable to more damage.

Dyeing your hair or using relaxing agents will only make your hair look good for short period of time. However, it could cause more problems in the end. If you want to dye your hair, look for alternative hair dyes that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

7. Change Up Your Hairstyle To Avoid Excessive Damage

Find a few new hairstyles that don’t require you to use a flat iron or curling iron on your hair. I love Pinterest because there are thousands of hairstyles to choose from so that you aren’t prone to dry, frizzy hair. Skip hairstyles that rely on the use of a straightener or curling iron. These styling devices tend to dry out your hair especially if it is already dry and brittle during the winter.

8. Get Your Regular Trim

When your hair is lacking proper nutrients, you will notice that your hair is frizzy, it tangles and knots easily, and you may even see split ends. Trimming your hair removes the frizz and helps make your hair more manageable. You don’t have to cut a ton of hair off. A simple trim every 4 to 8 weeks will do the trick.

Split ends also cause your hair to become brittle and easy to break. To make hair stronger, you should opt to get a regular trim. While you think your hair becomes shorter with regular trimming it can actually become longer quicker when the ends aren’t damaged. Tangled hair also causes you to pull more strands of hair out too.

Keeping your hair healthy and soft is easier when you are using the right tools. Remember your hair is composed of dead protein known as keratin. Each strand can stay attached to your scalp for 3 to 5 years. We hope that you find these effective and affordable ways to get healthy hair.

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